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Business adjusts and upgrades its marketing strategy and budget on an ongoing basis. The more you’re able to invest, the more you can increase your online exposure and reach. That translates to more leads, more customers and more return on investment.


Companies that lack accessible website, the cornerstone of web marketing, and social media presence, won’t reach customers that don’t live in the same town or have never heard of the company. Having a sound internet marketing and social media marketing strategy ensures the best chance of success.


Social Media provides a greater flexibility level and costs are somewhat inexpensive in comparison with other mediums. You can reach a targeted audience within a matter of days and in some cases, hours. Proven to be one of the most effective way to build your business.


“She consistently did satisfactory work during her tenure. She did her job efficiently and never leave the office without finishing her work. Yuan, as always, love and enjoy what you’re doing.“

Elvin Piansay

Branch Manager, Caritas Health Shield Inc.

“Yuhanne worked for me for approximately two months, helping plan, implement and manage my social media campaign. She is highly organised, creative, very good at communicating and works very hard. I had the feeling that she was putting in 110% at all times and was really trying to push my brand forward! I would certainly recommend her if you need Social Media help!”

Charlie Kelly, Owner / Manager

EW Services - Gorilla Gear

“You delivered the kind of service that is in harmony with the mission/vision of the organization, it was excellent from my standpoint. If I am the one who makes the decision, I will probably do everything I can in my power to make you stay or make you want to stay in the company, because I consider you as an asset and normally we want to hold on to our assets. I would rate you as 9.5/10 based on your work ethics, being organized and systematic in handling day to day workload, handling clients, relationship with coworkers and work output.”

Dr. Manfredo Marpa

Clinic Manager, Caritas Health Shield Inc.